Simone van Grieken

Age: 47
Education: Leiden University – English language and literature, 
University of Groningen - Post-doctoral Business Administration

Sales functions within a (US-based) technology company.

Operational / delivery roles (local, regional and global) within a (US-based) technology company.

Operational role within DHL (General Manager)

Active in Diversity & Inclusion within the companies where I work, and beyond
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Isendoorn College in Warnsveld

Why does Simone want to be a role model?

“Sharing my experiences as a woman in a male-dominated environment, making a career in that environment, as well as combining that with having a family and the expectations of people around me: This is why I want to be a role model.

How do I ensure visibility. How do I create a network, how do I make sure that “they” know what I intend to achieve, and within what time frame. With the aim of getting diverse talent into leadership roles, more than is currently the case, and help them avoid the kind of pitfalls as I did.

What I expect from a buddy is eagerness to learn and develop. We have to support each other and also build a network, one that will ensure that we get an even distribution of diversity and inclusivity at management level in the coming years. The candidate would like to contribute to this, and thus also be a role model for the next generation.”